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Face ID Biometrics works to supply face recognition devices to meet current and emerging Identity Management needs. We work with innovative software companies to develop new face recognition use-cases, and to fine tune existing ones.


Our mission is to expand the reach and availability of FaceGO technology, in all sectors. Wherever there is an Identity Management requirement, there is an application for FaceGO. An increasingly connected world, with ever emerging security challenges means that, more than ever, the concept of ‘true identity’ is paramount in user authentication.

With a background in software development, ERP technology, business consulting and defense, the Face ID Biometrics team is committed to combining our ground-breaking technology with best-in-class software, to create commercially appealing, secure and highly useable identity management solutions.

Hanvon has been in the field of biometric technology since 1985, and its biometrics division now focuses on face recognition, due to its inherent advantages over other technologies.

A pioneer in the commercial biometrics industry, Hanvon developed the world’s first embedded facial recognition system – FaceGO – which now has over 100,000 successful installations worldwide.

Hanvon is an innovator in the face recognition market, with the dual optical/infrared cameras providing near 3D imaging and superior performance in varying lighting conditions. Hanvon’s patented super-fast embedded face recognition algorithm is considered to be probably the fastest available, and FaceGO is recognised as one of the best performing systems on the market today.


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